more books :)

So I got some more books today… I will be reading them and posting reviews on my youtube channel…

1) Cut by Patricia McCormick

2) The cold Room by J.T. Ellison

3) I was a teenage fairy by Francesca Lia Block

4) The boy from the basement by Susan Shaw

5) Perfect Blend by Sue Margolis

6) Skin by Ted Dekker

7) Girls in pants by Anne Brashares

8) Legal guide to lesbian and gay couples 🙂


I cant wait to read them!! I might post reviews on here too


Guess whats coming…

So in about two days I am turning 21! I am super excited but of course my bday is prolly going to be ruined cuz no one ever does anything extraordinary for me… Mandy is surprising me and that is amazing and I cant wait for it! I just wish people actually really cared about me to do something special just like i have. It also hurts that normally my mom and dad have a million cards that come like at least a week in advance and I haven’t gotten anything and my bday is in 2 days… :/

And of course still “single” … i dont even kno what to say with that…

my hair is purple though and I bought myself the MAC viva glam Nicki Minaj lipstick! I was sooooooo excited for that!!!

bout to go read til i fall asleep! 🙂

So… I dyed my hair the other day and I now have purple hair! 🙂 it makes me feel awesome cuz im so unique and awesome! lol

I am reading Delirium by Laurin Oliver and it is amazing!! theres a quote that really makes me think about my self.. its-

“and maybe, after he really doesn’t recognize me. We made eye contact for only a few seconds, and I’m sure to him i was only a blurry, in-between face, easy to forget. Not pretty. Not ugly, either. Just plain, like a thousand other faces you would see on the street.”

I feel like this is me… im not pretty but im not totally ugly either… but I am really enjoying my first distopian (i cant spell) novel! Its about love being a problem and when you turn 18 they fix you! I wish that was my life sometimes…


So Mandy came over yesterday… it was amazing.. i love being with her but yet again were still not official yet… I don’t even kno whats going through her head. some times I just cant understand why its taking her this long to know that she wants to be with me. Like in my eyes when you want to be with someone then you want to be with someone.. its not something you need months to think about. I hate waiting and sometimes i feel like im waiting for nothing…

omg i just called hogwarts!! my life is semi-complete…now i just need to get my letter and go!


So I will say that I am totally a book nerd!! I went to goodwill today to get books cuz there so damn cheap there!

heres what I got.. comment or something if you have them or read them!

1) The Bitch in the house – 26 woman tell the truth about sex, solitude, work, motherhood, and marriage

2) Cannery Row – John Steinbeck

3) The Eleventh victim – Nancy Grace

4) All that remains – Patricia cornwell

5) No Second Chance – Harlan Coben

6) The Hot Kid – Elmore Leonard

7) Monster – Frank Peretti

8) The second summer of the sisterhood – Ann Brashares

9) Water for elephants – Sara Gruen

10) The Stand – Stephen King

11) The hour I first believed – Wally Lamb

12) Everything about me is fake and I’m perfect – Janice Dickinson


Love it!!! I have about 500 books… is that sad??

rant time! :)

is there ever a time in your life when your sitting at your computer and listening to music and all of a sudden a song comes on and the lyrics explain exactly how you feel?? that is seriously my life! But then the thing is, that i cant tell that person how i feel without the feeling that they will go away. so heres some personal shit – theres this girl that I REALLY like… a/k/a I could be falling for but were not together. I have asked her what she would do if I asked her out and her answer was, “honestly I dont know” …. can i hit my head against the wall harder now? She says shes not ready for a relationship when her ex was months ago and i have been here the whole time! How much longer does she need to get over a bitch that hurt her? I keep telling her how much i want to be with her and it never changes anything… isnt it supposed to open your eyes and see whats in front of you…. but then if I back off she gets upset… i cant just be in this neutral zone!

anyway….. I have gone on this health kick.. i need to get healthier and lose weight and make myself feel beautiful! I know people say i dont need to do this but I need to for myself. I have told myself that I am not doing anything for anyone else.. it is me time! I want to fix things in my life only for me – i care bout everyone else but not as much as how i feel about me

Bout to go read for a while and eat something … maybe you should too since your just sitting here reading my nonsense! no – legit.. its ok.. keep reading! lmao


Purple hair

Purple hair

This is the color i want for my hair!!


Hello world!

So this blog post is going to be kinda boring just cuz its my first one but I have tried to make a blog before and it just never worked but I got a great idea for an alarm everyday to remind me to write so I am going to try this one more time! Like I said on my profile I am a very unique person and I love everything that makes me different. First we need to say some things – yes, I am a lesbian (and very proud of it), second I will be posting lots of pics and random little thoughts (get used to it) and third I will prolly swear and use slang so if you dont like that then bye! 🙂 I wont get hurt.. I dont get phased by my haters! But anyway – i will be posting lots of random things that I find on a daily basis hopefully!! If you have anything you wanna know about my life or anything then just say it! 😀

Peace out ❤