Hello world!

So this blog post is going to be kinda boring just cuz its my first one but I have tried to make a blog before and it just never worked but I got a great idea for an alarm everyday to remind me to write so I am going to try this one more time! Like I said on my profile I am a very unique person and I love everything that makes me different. First we need to say some things – yes, I am a lesbian (and very proud of it), second I will be posting lots of pics and random little thoughts (get used to it) and third I will prolly swear and use slang so if you dont like that then bye! 🙂 I wont get hurt.. I dont get phased by my haters! But anyway – i will be posting lots of random things that I find on a daily basis hopefully!! If you have anything you wanna know about my life or anything then just say it! 😀

Peace out ❤


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