rant time! :)

is there ever a time in your life when your sitting at your computer and listening to music and all of a sudden a song comes on and the lyrics explain exactly how you feel?? that is seriously my life! But then the thing is, that i cant tell that person how i feel without the feeling that they will go away. so heres some personal shit – theres this girl that I REALLY like… a/k/a I could be falling for but were not together. I have asked her what she would do if I asked her out and her answer was, “honestly I dont know” …. can i hit my head against the wall harder now? She says shes not ready for a relationship when her ex was months ago and i have been here the whole time! How much longer does she need to get over a bitch that hurt her? I keep telling her how much i want to be with her and it never changes anything… isnt it supposed to open your eyes and see whats in front of you…. but then if I back off she gets upset… i cant just be in this neutral zone!

anyway….. I have gone on this health kick.. i need to get healthier and lose weight and make myself feel beautiful! I know people say i dont need to do this but I need to for myself. I have told myself that I am not doing anything for anyone else.. it is me time! I want to fix things in my life only for me – i care bout everyone else but not as much as how i feel about me

Bout to go read for a while and eat something … maybe you should too since your just sitting here reading my nonsense! no – legit.. its ok.. keep reading! lmao


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