So… I dyed my hair the other day and I now have purple hair! 🙂 it makes me feel awesome cuz im so unique and awesome! lol

I am reading Delirium by Laurin Oliver and it is amazing!! theres a quote that really makes me think about my self.. its-

“and maybe, after he really doesn’t recognize me. We made eye contact for only a few seconds, and I’m sure to him i was only a blurry, in-between face, easy to forget. Not pretty. Not ugly, either. Just plain, like a thousand other faces you would see on the street.”

I feel like this is me… im not pretty but im not totally ugly either… but I am really enjoying my first distopian (i cant spell) novel! Its about love being a problem and when you turn 18 they fix you! I wish that was my life sometimes…


So Mandy came over yesterday… it was amazing.. i love being with her but yet again were still not official yet… I don’t even kno whats going through her head. some times I just cant understand why its taking her this long to know that she wants to be with me. Like in my eyes when you want to be with someone then you want to be with someone.. its not something you need months to think about. I hate waiting and sometimes i feel like im waiting for nothing…

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